PLEL Web Design Your Web needs when you want them 708-243-7558 Fax: 815-436-8664 Prices Standard Website - 5 pages that include Home page, Contact Us page, Photo page and two additional pages that fit your needs. $500.  (additional pages are $100 each) Custom Website - 5 pages of what you need for your business custom designed to your specification.  $750.  (additional pages are $100 each) Email accounts - will be set up matching your domain name  Prices depend on storage size and length of time GoDaddy Shopping Cart -  Design cart using GoDaddy Quick Shopping cart with up to 10 Products.  $400 (does not include the monthly price for shopping cart service).  (additional products are $50 each) Ecommerce Shopping Cart -  Design cart using Ecommerce Templates cart with up to 10 Products.  $569 (which includes the purchase of the template).  (additional products are $50 each) Banner Ad -  Automated image to bring attention to a certain item or topic.  $50. Flash Products - Adobe Flash products such as Slideshows, Banner Ads and Flash movies.  Price depends on the custom project. Website Forms - Website forms that gather information from your website visitors and send you the information.  Price depends on the custom project. Prices do not include purchasing domain name or hosting plan (there are many different size plans and lengths to choose from) call to talk about what plans will suit your needs.